Art-Workers Guild

6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury

Formed in 1884. A private organisation of artists, architects, designers and craftsmen. The Guild was linked to the Arts and Crafts movement and shared its core beliefs. The Guild hoped to bridge the gaps between different creative professions. It still seeks to encourage authentic workmanship and design.
Works of Art: 0
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Archives: 5
RI2/44    [incomplete] Letter to A.H. Mackmurdo, responding to a request for his views on decoration    [c.1890]    Item   
CL/2    Draft copies of lectures and essays by George Clausen    c.1904-1925    Series   
CL/1/61    Selwyn Image, 20 Fitzroy Street, W., to Clausen    12 Jan 1909    Item   
CL/1/35    Eugen, to Clausen    [c.1896]    Item   
CL/1/26    Walter Crane, Old House, 13 Holland Street, Kensington, to Clausen    14 Jan 1909    Item