Eliza Marian Butler

Born: 1885
Died: 1959
German scholar
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
TOD/3/8/111    Mary Beale, Westfield College, (University of London), Hampstead N.W.3, to Middleton Todd    27 Jun 1951    Item   
TOD/3/8/27    EMB, Newnham College, Cambridge, to A. R. Middleton Todd, 71 Campden St., Kensington, London W8    12 Feb 1947    Item   
TOD/3/8/26    E. M. Butler, Newnham College, Cambridge, to Middleton Todd    02 Feb 1947    Item   
TOD/3/8/24    Helen E. Palmer, Newnham College, Cambridge, to Middleton Dodd    29 Aug 1946    Item   
TOD/3/7/55    Correspondence relating to the portrait of E. M. Butler and a proposed portrait of Dorothy Garrod    1947    File