Jacob Burckhardt

Born: 1818
Died: 1897
Historian, art historian, professor, in Basel.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 4
Archives: 0
Kugler, Franz Theodor   [Kugler's Hand-Book Of Painting.] - The Schools Of Painting In Italy. Translated, From The German Of Kugler, By A Lady. Edited, With Notes, By Sir Charles L. Eastlake, P.R.A., F.R.S. With Upwards Of One Hundred Illustrations, Drawn On Wood, By George Scharf, Jun., From The Works Of The Old Masters Mentioned In This Book, Engraved By John Thompson And Samuel Williams. Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised, With Much Additional Matter. In Two Parts. - Part I. (II.) - London: 1851.   
Kugler, Franz Theodor   D. Franz Kugler's Handbuch der Geschichte Der Malerei seit Constantin dem Grossen. Zweite Auflage unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers umgearbeitet und vermehrt von Dr. Jacob Burckhardt. Erster (Zweiter) Band. - Berlin. 1847.   
Kugler, Franz Theodor   Kleine Schriften Und Studien Zur Kunstgeschichte Von Franz Kugler. Mit Illustrationen und andern artistischen Beilagen. Erster (- Dritter) Theil. - Stuttgart. 1853 (1854) (1854)   
Burckhardt, Jacob   The Civilisation Of The Period Of The Renaissance In Italy By Jacob Burckhardt Authorised Translation By S.G.C. Middlemore In Two Volumes Vol. I. (II.) - London 1878