Revd. Aaron Arrowsmith, the younger

Born: 1802
Died: 1854
To 1834 cartographer and map-printer; afterwards a student, priest and compiler of textbooks. Son of cartographer Aaron Arrowsmith the elder (1750-1823); brother of cartographer Samuel Arrowsmith (1805-39).
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Brockedon, William   Illustrations Of The Passes Of The Alps, By Which Italy Communicates With France, Switzerland, And Germany. By William Brockedon, Member Of The Academy Of Fine Arts At Florence. Volume The First, Containing The Little Saint Bernard, The Mont Genèvre, The Mont Cenis, The Mont Gothard, The Great Saint Bernard, And The Monte Stelvio. (Volume The Second, Containing The Cornice, The Grimsel And The Gries, The Bernardin And The Splugen, The Brenner, The Tende And The Argentière, And The Simplon.) - London: [1828 (- 1829)]