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Meyer, Franz Sales   A handbook of ornament : with 300 plates, containing about 3000 illustrations of the elements, and the application of decoration to objects / by Franz Sales Mery; revised by Hugh Stannus - London 1896   
Quennell, Marjorie   A history of everyday things in England; done in two parts of which this is the first, 1066-1499 - London 1918   
Godfrey, Walter H.   Gardens in the making / by Walter H. Godfrey ; with illustrative designs by the author and Edmund L. Wratten - London [1914]   
Davie, W. Galsworthy   Old cottages and farmhouses in Surrey / photographed by W. Galsworthy Davie ; with and introduction by W. Curtis Green A.R.I.B.A. - London 1908