Edward Hodges Baily, R.A.

Preferred Media: Sculpture
Born: 10 March 1788 in Bristol, Avon, England, United Kingdom
Died: 22 May 1867
Nationality: British
Royal Academy student from: 8 March 1809 to:
Elected A.R.A: 03 Nov 1817
Elected R.A: 10 Feb 1821
Retired: 01 Dec 1862
Won Royal Academy Schools Silver Medal in 1809 and Gold Medal in 1811.
Works of Art: 5
Books: 1
Archives: 15
Works by

Bust of John Flaxman, R.A.   
Bust of John Flaxman, R.A.
Edward Hodges Baily

Bust of Thomas Stothard, R.A.   
Bust of Thomas Stothard, R.A.
Edward Hodges Baily
Works associated with

Edward Hodges Baily, R.A.   
Edward Hodges Baily, R.A.
fl. 1857-1876
John & Charles Watkins

E.H. Baily   
E.H. Baily
1866 or after
Maull & Polyblank

Edward Hodges Baily   
Edward Hodges Baily
Thomas Mogford

Thornbury, Walter   The Life Of J.M.W. Turner, R.A. Founded On Letters And Papers Furnished By His Friends And Fellow Academicians. By Walter Thornbury. [Epigraph] In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1862. The right of Translation is reserved.   
MAR/3/17    William Calder Marshall, Rome, to his mother    1 - 2 Feb 1838    Item   
WA/2    Diary in printed "Student's Journal"    25 Sep 1821 - 24 Sep 1822    Item   
AND/26/377    Anderdon's notes on 1850 exhibits #1370 to #1435    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/21/205    Pages 49 and 50 of the 1831 Academy catalogue    1831    Item   
GI/1/364    R J Wyatt, London, to [John] Gibson    09 Aug 1841    Item   
AND/19/268    [Christies] sales catalogue cutting    [1868]    Item   
AND/17/193    Newspaper cutting    1867    Item   
JU/11/297    E. H. Baily R. A., London, to The Revd George Roberts [Vicar of Monmouth]    11 May 1838    Item   
LAW/2/230    Thos Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington]    3 Nov 1817    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/79/3    Mrs S. Hone, 20 Dover Street, to the President and Council    24 May 1825    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/3    Correspondence from Edward Hodges Baily, RA    1821-1843    Sub-series   
GAR/1/125    Mary Jones, 2 Queen's Road, Bayswater, to Rev. Dr. J.R. Bloxam    6 Feb 1889    Item   
GAR/1/116    Receipt    1830    Item   
GAR/1/110    Edwd. Hodges Baily, R.A., London, to Anne Bloxam    3 Nov 1830    Item   
RAA/PC/1/9    Council minutes, vol. 9    07 Jan 1839 - 21 Feb 1844    Item