Sir Charles Barry, R.A.

Preferred Media: Architecture
Born: 23 May 1795 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 12 May 1860
Nationality: British
Elected A.R.A: 02 Nov 1840
Elected R.A: 10 Feb 1842
Works of Art: 4
Books: 6
Archives: 12
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The Travellers' Club, Pall Mall,...   
The Travellers' Club, Pall Mall,...
Charles Barry
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Mount Lebanon and the Ruins...   
Mount Lebanon and the Ruins...
Augustus Wall Callcott

The Wilderness of Engedi and...   
The Wilderness of Engedi and...
J.M.W. Turner
Works associated with

Sir Charles Barry, R.A.   
Sir Charles Barry, R.A.
ca. 1856-1875
John Watkins

Studies And Examples Of The Modern School Of English Architecture. - The Travellers' Club House, By Charles Barry, Architect: Illustrated By Drawings Made By Mr. Hewitt, And Engraved By Mr. J.H. Le Keux. Accompanied By An Essay On The Present State Of Architectural Study And The Revival Of The Italian Style, By W.H. Leeds, Editor Of The Illustrations Of The Public Buildings Of London, &c. &c.   - London: [1839]   
Barry, Alfred   Dr. Barry's Reply To Mr. E. Pugin. - Postscript To Second Edition. - (London: (1868.)   
Pugin, Edward Welby   Notes On The Reply Of The Rev. Alfred Barry, D.D. Principal of Cheltenham College, To The "Infatuated Statements" Made By E.W. Pugin, On The Houses of Parliament. By E. Welby Pugin. - Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged. - - London: 1868.   
Barry, Alfred   The Architect Of The New Palace At Westminster. - A Reply To A Pamphlet By E. Pugin, Esq., Entitled "Who Was The Art-Architect Of The Houses Of Parliament?" By Alfred Barry, D.D., Principal Of Cheltenham College. Second Edition. - London: 1868.   
Pugin, Edward Welby   Who Was The Art Architect Of The Houses of Parliament. - A Statement Of Facts, Founded On The Letters Of Sir Charles Barry And The Diaries Of Augustus Welby Pugin, By E. Welby Pugin. Most Respectfully Dedicated To The Right Honourable And Honourable The Lords And Commons Of Great Britain And Ireland. - Price Two Shillings. - - London: 1867.   
Haydon, Benjamin Robert   Thoughts On The Relative Value Of Fresco And Oil Painting, As Applied To The Architectural Decorations Of The Houses Of Parliament; Read At The Friday Evening Meeting At The Royal Institution, Albemarle Street, March 4, 1842. By B.R. Haydon, Historical Painter. - London: 1842.   
CA/2    A.W. Callcott, to Messrs. Finden, 19 Southampton Place, Euston Square    8 Dec 1833    Item   
CA/1    [copy] A.W. Callcott, to C. Barry    15 Oct 1833    Series   
AND/26/387    Printed circular, from the R.I.B.A., an invitation to the funeral of Sir Charles Barry    16 May 1860    Item   
AND/26/386    Printed circular, proposing a marble memorial to Sir Charles Barry    [1863]    Item   
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JU/10/257    Charles Barry, Foley Place [to Mr Harrison, Builder, Speenhamland, Newbury Berkshire]    03 Oct 1839    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/10    Letter from Charles Barry, RA    26 Mar 1859    Sub-series   
RAA/KEE/12    Records of the School of Architecture    1876-1950    Series   
RAA/GA/1/6    General Assembly minutes, vol. 6    31 Jan 1859 - 05 Dec 1868    Item