Joseph Baretti

Born: 25 April 1719 in Turin, Italy
Died: 5 May 1789
Nationality: Italian
Works of Art: 1
Books: 2
Archives: 8
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Portrait of Giuseppe Baretti   
Portrait of Giuseppe Baretti
6 March 1794
Joshua Reynolds

Baretti, Joseph   A Guide Through The Royal Academy, By Joseph Baretti Secretary For Foreign Correspondence To The Royal Academy. - London: [1781]   
Baretti, Joseph   A Dictionary Of The English and Italian Languages. By Joseph Baretti. Improved and augmented with above Ten Thousand Words, omitted in the last Edition of Altieri. To which is prefixed, An Italian and English Grammar. A New Edition. Volume I. (II.) - London [1778]   
AND/22/360-384    Joseph Baretti's iGuide through the Royal Academy/i    [1780]    Item   
AND/22/353    Title page for iA Guide through the Royal Academy/i, by Joseph Baretti    [1780]    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/13    Receipt from Joseph Baretti, London, to Sir William Chambers    24 Mar 1783    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/113/1    Thomas Metcalfe [to the Secretary]    10 May 1789    Item   
NOR/40    James Northcote, Rome, to Samuel and Polly Northcote    4 Feb 1778    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/44/2    Joseph Giannini, to John Richards    1790    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/44/1    Joseph Giannini, to John Richards    1789    Item   
NOR/5    James Northcote, London, to [Samuel Northcote]    21 Sep 1771    Item