Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington

Born: 1694
Died: 1753
Architect, commissioner of buildings and works of art, collector. Promoter of Palladian architecture in Britain.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 9
Archives: 1
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Portrait of a Man (Lord...   
Portrait of a Man (Lord...
Jacques Parmentier

Du Fresnoy, Charles Alphonse   The Art Of Painting: By C.A. Du Fresnoy: With Remarks: - Translated into English, with an Original Preface, containing a Parallel betwixt Painting and Poetry: By Mr. Dryden. - As also a Short Account of the most Eminent Painters, both Ancient and Modern: By R.G. Esq; - The Second Edition, Corrected, and Enlarg'd. - - London: 1716.   
The Designs Of Inigo Jones, Consisting of Plans and Elevations For Publick and Private Buildings. Published by William Kent, With some Additional Designs. The First Volume. (Second Volume.)   - [London:] [1727]   
The Designs Of Inigo Jones, Consisting Of Plans and Elevations For Public and Private Buildings. Published By William Kent, With Some Additional Designs. Volume I. (II.)   - London: [1770]   
Castell, Robert   The Villas Of The Ancients Illustrated. By Robert Castell.# - London: [1728]   
Brettingham, Matthew, Senior   The Plans, Elevations and Sections, Of Holkham In Norfolk, The Seat of the late Earl of Leicester. To which are added. The Ceilings and Chimney-Pieces; And Also A Descriptive Account of the Statues, Pictures and Drawings; Not in the former Edition. By Matthew Brettingham, Architect. - London: [1773]   
Picart, Bernard   The Ceremonies And Religious Customs Of The Various Nations of the Known World: Together with Historical Annotations, And several Curious Discourses Equally Instructive and Entertaining. Vol. I. ... (-VII. ...) Written originally in French, and illustrated with a large Number of Folio Copper Plates, all beautifully Designed By Mr. Bernard Picart, And curiously Engraved by most of the Best Hands in Europe. Faithfully translated into English, by a Gentleman, some Time since of St. John's College in Oxford. - London: [1733-1739]   
Revesi Bruti, Ottavio   A New and Accurate Method Of Delineating all the Parts Of the different Orders In Architecture, By Means of a well contriv'd, and most easily manag'd Instrument; Whereon The Just Proportions of the Principal Members, and of their several Parts, are so disposed, as wholly to avoid the Difficulty of the Fractional Parts that usually attend these Operations. English'd from the Original Italian of Ottavio Revesi Bruti, By Thomas Malie, Gent. - London [1737]   
Cellini, Benvenuto   Vita Di Benvenuto Cellini Orefice E Scultore Fiorentino, Da Lui Medesimo Scritta Nella quale molte curiose particolarita si toccano appartenenti alle Arti ed all'Istoria del suo tempo, tratta da un'ottimo manoscritto, e Dedicata All'Eccellenza Di Mylord Riccardo Boyle Conte di Burlington, e Cork, Visconte di Dungarvon, barone di Clifford, e di Lansborough, Baron Boyle di Brog Hill, Lord Tesoriere d'Irlanda, Lord Luogotenente di Westriding in Yorkshire, siccome della Città di York, e Cavaliere della Giarrettiera. - In Colonia [1728].   
Palladio, Andrea   Le Terme Dei Romani Disegnate Da Andrea Palladio E Rippublicate Con La Giunta Di Alcune Osservationi Da Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi Giusta L'Esemplare Del Lord Co. Di Burlingthon Impresso In Londra L'Anno 1732. - In Vicenza [1785]   
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