Carington Bowles

Born: 1724
Died: 1793
Son of John Bowles (1701?-1779) to whom he was apprenticed in 1741, and with whom he was in partnership as John Bowles & Son, at the Black Horse, Cornhill, London, from 1752 or 1753. He later took over the business of his uncle, Thomas Bowles II in St Paul's Churchyard. It has been assumed that Carington moved to St Paul's Churchyard in 1767 when Thomas II died, but the date 1766 appears with Carington's name as publisher at St Paul's Churchyard on a portrait of Lord Camden (Faber Junior, Chaloner Smith, 52.II). When Carington died the business passed to his son (Henry) Carington Bowles. [Source: British Printed Images to 1700 Publishers & Printsellers database]
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The Exercise of See Saw
Francis Hayman

Le Brun, Charles   The passions of the soul, as they are expressed in the human countenance; shewing its various changes and appearances under the influence of different passions, Engraved in a manner which represents real drawings – almost as large as life. From the celebrated designs of Monsieur Le Brun, with extracts from his discourse on the passions, describing their influence on the features and muscles of the face - London [n.d.] [after 1787]