Lady Mary Anne Chantrey

Born: 1787
Died: 1875
Mary Anne Wale; in 1809 (November 23) married sculptor Francis L. Chantrey (1781-1841), who was knighted in 1835.
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Bust of William IV
Francis Chantrey

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Sir Francis Chantrey
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Jones, George, R.A.   Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A. Recollections Of His Life, Practice, And Opinions. By George Jones, R.A. - London: [1849]   
Engravings From The Works Of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A. Born 1782. Died 1841.   - [S.l.: after 1841.]   
CH/1    Ledger of Sir Francis Chantrey    1809-1842    Item   
RAA/SEC/8/67/13    (Mrs) M. P. Bompas, Flat 120, 4 Whitehall Court, S.W.1. [to the Secretary]    18 Jun 1955    Item