John Chamberlaine

Born: ca. 1745
Died: 1812
Antiquary. Keeper of The King's Drawings and Medals 1791-1812. Published reproductive engravings of drawings in the Royal Collection.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 4
Archives: 2
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Head of a clean-shaven man...   
Head of a clean-shaven man...
1 March 1796
Francesco Bartolozzi

Coast view with Acis and...   
Coast view with Acis and...
1 January 1807
Frederick Christian Lewis

Engravings From The Original Designs Of Annibale, Agostino, And Ludovico Caracci, In His Majesty's Collection. Consisting Of Elegant Compositions And Studies For The Various Celebrated Pictures In The Different Palaces And Cabinets At Rome, Bologna, Parma, Milan, &c. Published By John Chamberlaine, F.S.A. And Keeper Of The King's Medals And Drawings.   - London: 1797. [-1807?]   
Imitations Of Original Designs By Leonardo Da Vinci: Consisting Of Various Drawings Of Single Figures, Heads, Compositions, Horses, And Other Animals; Optics, Perspective, Gunnery, Hydraulics, Mechanics; And In Particular Of Very Accurate Delineations, With A Most Spirited Pen, Of A Variety Of Anatomical Subjects: In His Majesty's Collection. Published By John Chamberlaine, Keeper Of The King's Drawings And Medals, And F.S.A.   - London: 1796. [-1806]   
Imitations Of Original Drawings By Hans Holbein, In The Collection Of His Majesty, For The Portraits Of Illustrious Persons Of The Court Of Henry VIII. With Biographical Tracts. Published By John Chamberlaine, Keeper Of The King's Drawings And Medals, And F.S.A.   - London: 1792. [-1800.]   
Original Designs of the Most Celebrated Masters of the Bolognese, Roman, Florentine, ad Venetian schools; comprising some of the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the Caracci, Claude Lorraine, Raphael, Michel Angelo, the Poussins, and others, in His Majesty's Collection; engraved by Bartolozzi, P.W. Tomkins, Schiavonetti, Lewis, and other eminent engravers; with biographical and historical sketches of L. da Vinci and the Caracci. By J. Chamberlaine ...   - London: 1812.   
YE/19    John Chamberlaine, to John Yenn    [1791]    Item   
HU/5/83    Mrs. [Anne] Chamberlaine, Brompton, to Ozias Humphry    24 Mar 1800    Item