William Cheselden

Born: 1688
Died: 1752
Surgeon, and anatomist.
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Portrait of William Cheselden   
Portrait of William Cheselden
by 1733
Gerard van der Gucht

Cheselden, William   Osteographia, Or The Anatomy Of The Bones. In Fifty-Six Plates. By William Cheselden. Every Bone in the Human Body is here delineated as large as the Life, and again reduced to lesser Scales, in order to shew them united to one another. Likewise the gradual Increase of the Bones, from the first Appearance of Ossification in the Fœtus to that of an Adult, their internal Texture, as also the Ligaments of the Joints, and a great Variety of Diseased Bones are here exhibited. This work was executed in a Camera Obscura contrived on Purpose by the Author, which renders it more exact and complete than anything of the kind whatever; one View of such Prints shewing more than the fullest and best Description can possibly do. - London. [ca. 1753?]   
Cheselden, William   Osteographia, Or The Anatomy Of The Bones. By William Cheselden Surgeon To Her Majesty; F.R.S. Surgeon To St. Thomas's Hospital, And Member Of The Royal Academy Of Surgery At Paris. - London [1733]