Arthur Bettesworth

Died: 1739
Bookseller, book-binder, publisher, stationer, in London.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 7
Archives: 0
Gibbs, James   Rules For Drawing The several Parts of Architecture, In A More exact and easy manner than has been heretofore practised, by which all Fractions, in dividing the principal Members and their parts, are avoided. By James Gibbs. The Second Edition. - London: [1738]   
The Agreeable Variety: Being A Miscellaneous Collection, In Prose and Verse, From The Works of the most Celebrated Authors. In Two Parts. Viz. Part I. Containing, 1. Instructive Discourses, on the most Useful Subjects, for the happy Conduct of Human Life. 2. Characters of the most Illustrious Personages of both Sexes, of our own, and other nations: particularly the remarkable Manner of Life of the Excellent Princess of Parma; written by herself, and found among her Papers after her Decease, in the Year 1577. 3. Choice Poems, and Select Passages, extracted from Shakespeare, Milton, Waller, Dryden, Roscommon, Otway, Oldham, Prior, &c. Part II. Containing Original Poems, with sixty Familiar Letters, upon Education, Love, Friendship, &c. By several Eminent Hands. None of which ever before printed. The whole Collected and Published by a Lady. [Epigraph] The Second Edition.   - London; [1724]   
Smith, John   The Art of Painting In Oyl. Wherein is included each particular Circumstance relating to the best and most approved Rules for preparing, mixing, and working of Oyl Colours. The whole Treatise being so full Compleat, and so exactly fitted to the meanest Capacity, that all Persons whatsoever, may be able by these Directions, to Paint in Oyl Colours all manner of Timber work; that require either Use, Beauty, or Preservation, from the violence or Injury of the Weather. In which is also laid down all the several Circumstances required in Painting of Sun-dials, Printed Pictures, Shash-Windows, &c. In Oyl-Colours. The Fifth Impression with some Alterations, and many Matters added, which are not to be found in the former Editions. To which is added, The whole Art and Mystery of Colouring Maps, and other Prints, with Water-Colours. By John Smith, C.M. Licensed, Rob. Midgely. - London: 1723.   
Chambers, Ephraim   Cyclopædia: Or, An Universal Dictionary Of Arts and Sciences; Containing The Definitions of the Terms, And Accounts of The Things signify'd thereby, In the several Arts, Both Liberal and Mechanical, And the several Sciences, Human and Divine: The Figures, Kinds, Properies, Productions, Preparations, and Uses, of Things Natural and Artificial; The Rise, Progress, and State of Things Ecclesiastical, Civil, Military, and Commercial: With the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, &c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Physicians, Antiquaries, Criticks, &c. The Whole intended as a Course of Antient and Modern Learning. Compiled from the best Authors, Dictionaries, Journals, Memoirs, Transactions, Ephemerides, &c. in several Languages. In Two Volumes. By E. Chambers Gent. ... Volume the First. (Second.) - London: [1728]   
Lairesse, Gerard de   The Art of Painting, In All its Branches, Methodically demonstrated by Discourses and Plates And exemplified by Remarks On The Paintings of the best Masters; and their Perfections and Oversights laid open By Gerard De Lairesse. Translated by John Frederick Fritsch, Painter. - London: [1738]   
Herodotus   The History Of Herodotus: Translated from the Greek. By Isaac Littlebury. Vol. I. (II.) - London: [1720]   
Milton, John   Milton's Paradise Lost. A New Edition, By Richard Bentley, D.D. - London: [1732]