John Singleton Copley, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 3 July 1738 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Died: 9 September 1815
Nationality: American
Elected A.R.A: 04 Nov 1776
Elected R.A: 09 Feb 1779
Works of Art: 3
Books: 2
Archives: 38
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The Tribute Money   
The Tribute Money
John Singleton Copley
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Portrait of John Singleton Copley,...   
Portrait of John Singleton Copley,...
30 March 1793
George Dance

The Royal Academicians in General...   
The Royal Academicians in General...
Henry Singleton

Description Of The Picture Of The Death Of The Late Earl Of Chatham.   - [London:] (178-)   
Bromley, Robert Anthony   A Philosophical And Critical History Of The Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, And Architecture; With Occasional Observations On The Progress of Engraving, in it's several Branches Deduced From The Earliest Records, Through Every Country In Which Those Arts Have Been Cherished, To Their Present Establishment In Great Britain, Under The Auspices Of His Majesty King George III. In Four Parts. Volume I. (II.) By The Rev. Robert Anthony Bromley, B.D. Rector Of St. Mildred's In The Poultry, And Minister Of Fitzroy-Chapel, London. - London: [1793-1795]   
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RAA/GA/7/2    Royal book    1803-1830    Item