Nathaniel Hone, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 24 April 1718 in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom
Died: 14 August 1784
Nationality: British, Irish
Category of Membership: Foundation Member
Elected R.A: 10 Dec 1768
Works of Art: 2
Books: 1
Archives: 14
Works by

Self-portrait of Nathaniel Hone, R.A.   
Self-portrait of Nathaniel Hone, R.A.
Nathaniel Hone
Works after

Portrait of George Augustus Eliott...   
Portrait of George Augustus Eliott...
29 October 1782
Nathaniel Hone

La Gallerie du Palais Du Luxembourg Peinte Par Rubens, Dessinée par les Ss. Nattier, et gravée Par les plus Illustres Graveurs du Temps. Dediée Au Roy   - Se Vend A Paris 1710   
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