John Hoppner, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 25 April 1758 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 23 January 1810
Nationality: British
Royal Academy student from: 6 March 1775 to:
Elected A.R.A: 04 Nov 1793
Elected R.A: 10 Feb 1795
Won Royal Academy Schools Silver Medal in 1778 and Gold Medal in 1782.
Works of Art: 6
Books: 1
Archives: 43
Works by

Lord George Cavendish   
Lord George Cavendish
John Hoppner

Lady Elizabeth Cavendish   
Lady Elizabeth Cavendish
John Hoppner

Self-portrait of John Hoppner, R.A.   
Self-portrait of John Hoppner, R.A.
ca. 1800
John Hoppner
Works after

Portrait of Jane Elizabeth (Coke),...   
Portrait of Jane Elizabeth (Coke),...
May 1799
John Hoppner
Works associated with

Portrait of John Hoppner, R.A.   
Portrait of John Hoppner, R.A.
10 November 1793
George Dance

The Royal Academicians in General...   
The Royal Academicians in General...
Henry Singleton

A Collection Of Prints, From Pictures Painted For The Purpose Of Illustrating The Dramatic Works Of Shakspeare, By The Artists Of Great-Britain. Volume I. (II.)   - London [1803]   
634/2    Agreement between Thomas Provis, Ann Mary Provis and J.F. Rigaud, Jos. Farington, John Opie, Robt. Smirke, Thos. Stothard, Rhd. Westall and J. Hoppner    13 Jan 1797    Item   
WA/5    Commonplace book containing conversations with James Northcote    1813-1821    Item   
HU//7/65    James White, Exeter, to Ozias Humphry, at the Earl of Clarendon's, The Grove, near Watford, Herts    25 Jul 1809    Item   
HU//7/42    Ozias Humphry, to James White, Exeter    [11 Apr 1809]    Item   
HU/7/32-33    Ozias Humphry, Sloane Street, to James White, Exeter    15 Nov 1808    Item   
HU/7/4-5    Radstock, to Ozias Humphry, Prince of Wales Coffee House    [13 Feb 1808]    Item   
AND/13/129    Lecture admission ticket, for Mr. Case, signed by John Hoppner    16 Dec 1809    Item   
AND/13/120    Newspaper cutting, an incomplete critique of the 1807 Academy exhibition    1807    Item   
AND/13/118    [Edward Bell's?] biographical notes on John Hoppner    [c.1840]    Item   
AND/12/216    [copy] Martin Archer Shee, Cavendish Square, to John Hoppner    7 Dec 1805    Item   
AND/10/199    [Pages 7 and 8] of the 1799 Academy catalogue    1799    Item   
AND/10/187    Press cuttings, critiques of works in the 1799 Academy exhibition    [1799]    Item   
AND/9/100    Press cutting, critique of 1795 exhibit #141, a portrait by John Hoppner    1795    Item   
AND/9/40    Press cuttings, critiques of the 1794 exhibition    1794    Item   
AND/9/22    Press cuttings, critique of the 1794 exhibition [source probably the iMorning Post/i    1794    Item   
AND/9/21    Press cuttings and a cutting from a sales catalogue    1794    Item   
AND/8/157    Pages 23 of the 1792 Academy catalogue    1792    Item   
JU/9/293    Lady Caroline Lamb, Brockett Hall, to Mr Bowyer    c. 1820    Item   
AND/7/39    Incomplete critique of the [1788] Academy exhibition    [1788]    Item   
AND/6    Anderdon volume 6    1785-1787    File   
FU/4/2    Report on the exhibition    [1803]    Item   
LAW/4/110    Sketch of two children    [c.1800-1810]    Item   
LAW/1/264    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Charlotte Street    11 Feb 1811    Item   
LAW/1/231    T. L[awrence], to Joseph Farington, Marlborough Buildings, Bath    [27 Jan 1810]    Item   
LAW/1/216    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [20 May 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/206    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Joseph Farington]    [31 Jan 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/204    T. Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington]    [10 Nov 1808]    Item   
LAW/1/203    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, R.A. Farington, Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Manchester    4 Nov 1808    Item   
LAW/1/201    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Levens Hall, Westmorland    28 Oct 1828    Item   
LAW/1/198    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, the Earl of Lonsdale, Castle, Whitehaven    7 Oct 1808    Item   
LAW/1/186    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [1 May 1808]    Item   
LAW/1/185    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [23 Apr 1808]    Item   
LAW/1/157    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [22 Jun 1807]    Item   
LAW/1/155    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [5 May 1807]    Item   
LAW/1/148    [draft] [Thomas Lawrence], to [William Lock, the Elder]    [c.1807-1810]    Item   
LAW/1/122    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Joseph Farington]    [29 Mar 1805]    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/81    Letter from J. Hoppner to Benjamin West , esq., Historical painter to his Majesty    c. 1785    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/94/1    Requisition by eight Academicians to Benjamin West to summon a Council    02 Apr 1803    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/68    Correspondence relating to John Hoppner, RA    1793-1810    Sub-series   
RAA/SEC/2/27    Correspondence from Thomas Lister Parker, William Henry Betty and John Opie, RA, relating to the exhibition of portraits of Master Betty by Opie and James Northcote, RA    Mar 1805 - Apr 1805    Sub-series   
RAA/SEC/2/13/2    W. Beechey, George Street, Hanover Square, [to the Secretary]    08 Apr 1796    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/12/4    Robert Gillam, Secretary, British Institution, Cleveland House, St James's, to the President and Council    31 Mar 1817    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/80    Note on John Hoppner    c. 1785    Item