Ozias Humphry, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting and pastel
Born: 8 September 1742 in Honiton, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Died: 9 March 1810
Nationality: British
Elected A.R.A: 01 Nov 1779
Elected R.A: 10 Feb 1791
Works of Art: 8
Books: 2
Archives: 36
Works by

A Fortune Teller   
A Fortune Teller
Ozias Humphry
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Portrait of Louisa, Countess of...   
Portrait of Louisa, Countess of...
Ozias Humphry

Portrait of George Stubbs ARA   
Portrait of George Stubbs ARA
Ozias Humphry

Portrait of James Wyatt RA   
Portrait of James Wyatt RA
Ozias Humphry
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Portrait of Ozias Humphry, R.A.   
Portrait of Ozias Humphry, R.A.
May 1793
George Dance

Portrait of Ozias Humphry   
Portrait of Ozias Humphry
Pierre-Étienne Falconet

Portrait of Ozias Humphry   
Portrait of Ozias Humphry
George Romney

The Royal Academicians in General...   
The Royal Academicians in General...
Henry Singleton

Williamson, George C.   Life and works of Ozias Humphry, R.A. / by George C. Williamson, LITT.D. - London :, New York : 1918.   
Royal Academy of Arts (London)   Abstract Of The Instrument of Institution and Laws Of The Royal Academy of Arts In London. - Established December 10, 1768. - - [1797]   
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