John Landseer, A.R.A.

Preferred Media: Reproductive engraving
Born: 1761 or 1769 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 29 February 1852
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Associate Engraver
Elected Associate Engraver: 10 Feb 1806
Father of Sir Edwin Landseer R.A., Charles Landseer R.A. and Thomas Landseer A.R.A.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 13
Archives: 6
Works associated with

St John the Baptist   
St John the Baptist
28 May 1796
Benjamin West

Landseer, John, A.R.A.   Lectures On The Art Of Engraving, Delivered At The Royal Institution Of Great Britain, - By John Landseer, Engraver To The King, And F.S.A. - - London: 1807.   
A Series Of Views Of The Most Picturesque Scenes In Richmondshire. From Drawings By J. M. W. Turner, Esq. R. A. And John Buckler, Esq. F.S.A. - In Thirty-Two Plates, Executed In The Best Style Of Art By The Most Eminent Engravers. - With Descriptions By The Rev. Thomas Dunham Whitaker, Ll. D. Extracted From His "History Of Richmondshire." -   - London: 1843.   
Engravings Of The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford's Collection Of Pictures, In London, Arranged According To Schools, And In Chronological Order, With Remarks On Each Picture. By William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S.A. The Executive Part Under The Management Of Peltro William Tomkins, Esq. Historical Engraver To Her Majesty. - Vol. I. (- IV.) -   - London: 1818.   
A Series Of Engravings, Illustrating Those Important Events Recorded In The Sacred Scriptures, Which Have Been Selected, As Subjects For Their Pencils, By Raffaelle, Rubens, Caravaggio, Vandyke, Poussin, And Other Of The Old Masters; Together With A Critical Notice Of Each Picture, By John Landseer, Esq. F.A.S. And A.R.A. -   - London: 1825.   
Views in Lancashire & Yorkshire, From Original Drawings By J. M. W. Turner, R. A.   - London: 1872.   
Subjects by Edwin Landseer. Etched by John Landseer, Thomas Landseer, and Edwin Landseer   - [London:] Nov. 8th. 1852. Publishers to her Majesty.   
Murphy, James Cavanah   The Arabian Antiquities Of Spain. By James Cavanah Murphy. - London:, London. June 1st. 1815.   
Watson and Pritchett   Plans, Elevations, Sections, And Description Of The Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Lately Erected at Wakefield, For The West-Riding Of Yorkshire; To which is added, a New and Enlarged Edition of Mr. Samuel Tuke's Practical Hints On the Construction and Economy of Pauper Lunatic Asylums. By Watson And Pritchett. - York : 1819.   
Smith, John 'Warwick'   Select Views In Italy, With Topographical And Historical Descriprions In English And French. Vol. I. (II.) - London: [1792-1796]   
Views of the Lakes, etc. In Cumberland And Westmorland. Engraved From Drawings Made By Joseph Farington, R.A.   - London [1789]   
Seward, William   Anecdotes Of Some Distinguished Persons, Chiefly Of The Present And Two Preceding Centuries. Adorned With Sculptures. Vol. I. (-III.) - London: 1795.   
Stuart, James   The · Antiquities · Of Athens · Measured · And · Delineated By · James · Stuart · F.R.S. And F.S.A. And · Nicholas · Revett · Painters · And · Architects. Volume · The · First · (-Third.) - London [1762 (1787) (1794)]   
Antiquities Of Great Britain Illustrated In Views Of Monasteries, Castles, and Churches, Now Existing. Engraved from Drawings made by Thomas Hearne.   - London: [1786 (-1807)]   
AND/19/189    John Landseer, 9 Upper Conway St., to George Cooke, Loddiges Place, Hackney    [11 Jul 1826]    Item   
AND/19/77    Admission ticket to a Royal Academy lecture    [c.1820]    Item   
AND/18/249    [copy] Epigram by John Landseer    [c.1820]    Item   
AND/17/14    Newspaper cutting from iThe Examiner/i    1818    Item   
JU/9/197    J. Landseer, Upper Conway St., to C. M. Westmacott [No. 5 Clements Inn]    03 Mar [1825]    Item   
LAW/1/154    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Charlotte Street    [27 Apr 1807]    Item