Thomas Landseer, A.R.A.

Preferred Media: Printmaking and reproductive engraving
Born: ca. 1795 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 20 January 1880
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Engraver
Elected A.R.A: 31 Jan 1868
Son of John Landseer A.R.A., and brother of Edwin Landseer R.A. and Charles Landseer R.A
Works of Art: 1
Books: 3
Archives: 2
Works associated with

Thomas Landseer A.R.A.   
Thomas Landseer A.R.A.
ca. 1856-1875
John & Charles Watkins

Monkeyana Or [M]en, In Miniature Designed, & Etched By Thomas Landseer   - London August 1827   
Stephens, Frederic George   Memoirs Of Sir Edwin Landseer A Sketch Of The Life Of The Artist, Illustrated With Reproductuions Of Twenty-Four Of His Most Popular Works. Being a New Edition of "The Early Works of Sir Edwin Landseer." By F.G. Stephens Author Of "Flemish Relics" "Memorials Of Mulready" Etc. - London: 1874.   
Subjects by Edwin Landseer. Etched by John Landseer, Thomas Landseer, and Edwin Landseer   - [London:] Nov. 8th. 1852. Publishers to her Majesty.   
AND/17/111    Newspaper cutting [source unknown]    [Jul 1871]    Item   
236/9b/16    Augustus Egg, Kensington, to T. Miller    22 Dec 1855    Item