Richard Lane, A.R.A.

Preferred Media: Printmaking , reproductive lithography and sculpture
Born: 16 February 1800 in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 21 November 1872
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Associate Engraver
Elected Associate Engraver: 05 Nov 1827
Works of Art: 4
Books: 6
Archives: 8
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Portrait sketch of John Jackson   
Portrait sketch of John Jackson
Richard Lane

Life mask portrait of Sir...   
Life mask portrait of Sir...
April 1830
Richard Lane
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Richard Lane A.R.A.   
Richard Lane A.R.A.
John & Charles Watkins

Richard James Lane   
Richard James Lane
ca. 1856-1875
John Watkins

Flaxman, John, R.A.   Lectures On Sculpture, As Delivered Before The President And Members Of The Royal Academy. By John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Professor Of Sculpture In The Royal Academy Of Great Britain, Member Of The Academies Of St. Luke, Rome, Florence, Carrara, &c. Second Edition. To Which Are Now First Added, An Introductory Lecture, And Two Addresses To The Royal Academy, On The Death Of Thomas Banks, In 1805, And Of Antonio Canova, In 1822, And An Address On The Death Of Flaxman, By Sir Richard Westmacott, R.A. - With Fifty-Two Plates. - - London: [1838]   
Bray, Anna Eliza   Life Of Thomas Stothard, R.A. With Personal Reminiscences By Mrs. Bray, Author of "The Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy," "Memoirs of Charles A. Stothard, F.S.A.," "Trelawny," "Trials of the Heart," &c. &c. With Numerous Illustrations From His Works. - London: 1851.   
Lewis, John Frederick, R.A.   Lewis's Sketches and Drawings, of the Alhambra, made during a Residence in Granada, in the Years 1833-4. Drawn on Stone by J.D. Harding, R.J. Lane, A.R.A, W. Gauci & John F. Lewis. - London. (1835).   
Studies of Figures by Gainsborough Executed In Exact Imitation Of The Originals, By Richard Lane   - London. Jan. 1. 1825.   
Leslie, Charles Robert, R.A.   Memoirs Of The Life Of John Constable, Esq. R.A. Composed Chiefly Of His Letters. By C. R. Leslie, R.A. Second Edition. - London: 1845.   
Stephens, Frederic George   Memoirs Of Sir Edwin Landseer A Sketch Of The Life Of The Artist, Illustrated With Reproductuions Of Twenty-Four Of His Most Popular Works. Being a New Edition of "The Early Works of Sir Edwin Landseer." By F.G. Stephens Author Of "Flemish Relics" "Memorials Of Mulready" Etc. - London: 1874.   
AND/21/255    Newspaper cutting    [3 Dec 1872]    Item   
AND/21/128    S.A. Hart, the Athenaeum, to Anderdon    23 Jul 1852    Item   
FU/3/7    Thos Lawrence, Russell Square, [to John Knowles]    c. 1827    Item   
LAW/2/227/2    Portrait of John Jackson, R.A.    c.1820    Item   
LAW/2/227/1    Richard J. Lane, 24 South Bank, to A. Keightley    31 Aug 1835    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/94    Letter from Richard J. Lane, 11 Chester Place, Regent's Park, to Dyer Knott, Alphington, Devon    10 Dec 1846    Item   
GRI/2/26    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1872    Item   
GAR/1/141    F.C. Lewis, 53 Charlotte St, Portland Place, to Anne Bloxam    3 Feb [1830]    Item