Sir John Lavery, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 20 March 1856 in Belfast, Ireland, United Kingdom
Died: 10 January 1941
Nationality: Irish, British
Category of Membership: Painter
Elected A.R.A: 26 Jan 1911
Elected R.A: 01 Mar 1921
Elected Senior R.A: 01 Jan 1932
There is some question over exact date of birth. It says in his autobiography (op. cit., p.15), `as to my birthday, to save explanations when asked, I chose St. Patrick's Day'. He was baptised on 26 March 1856 (McConkey, op. cit., p.13).
Works of Art: 2
Books: 1
Archives: 1
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The Van Dyck Room, Wilton   
The Van Dyck Room, Wilton
John Lavery
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Caricature of Sir John Lavery,...   
Caricature of Sir John Lavery,...
30th April 1923
Francis Derwent Wood

Sparrow, Walter Shaw   John Lavery and his art - London [1911]   
RAA/SEC/4/80    Correspondence from Sir John Lavery, RA    1911-1940    Sub-series