Jeremiah Meyer, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting and miniature painting
Born: 18 January 1735 in Tübingen, Germany
Died: 20 January 1789
Nationality: German
Category of Membership: Foundation Member
Elected R.A: 10 Dec 1768
Works of Art: 3
Books: 0
Archives: 11
Works associated with

Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer, R.A.   
Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer, R.A.
by 1789
George Dance

Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer RA   
Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer RA
16 April 1793
Nathaniel Dance

Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer   
Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer
Pierre-Étienne Falconet

HU/3/32    O[zias] H[umphry], to Mary Boydell, 90 Cheapside, London    [1785]    Item   
AND/7/9    Anderdon's notes on the grave of Thomas Gainsborough    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/6/165    Newspaper cutting, part of a critique of the Academy exhibition    [1787]    Item   
AND/5/109    Anderdon's notes on the burial locations of Thomas Gainsborough and Jeremiah Meyer    1 Feb 1863    Item   
JU/1/84    F. Hayman, Francis Cotes, Jeremiah Meyer, Nathaniel Hone, J. Reynolds, John Gwynn [to the Society of Artists]    06 Jun 1768    Item   
REY/3/67-94    Papers relating to Reynolds's resignation from the Royal Academy    [1790]    Item   
SA/37/1    Petition of Jenefer Barbor    [06 Jun 1768]    Item   
SA/33/40    Receipted Treasurer's draft of J. Meyer    11 Jul 1768    Item   
SA/27/9    Receipt for ten guineas for the use of Mr Owen, voted him by the Committee    25 Oct 1764    Item   
NOR/5    James Northcote, London, to [Samuel Northcote]    21 Sep 1771    Item   
RAA/PC/1/1    Council minutes, vol. 1    20 Dec 1768 - 31 Dec 1784    Item