Anker Smith, A.R.A.

Preferred Media: Reproductive engraving
Born: 1759 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 23 June 1819
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Associate Engraver
Elected Associate Engraver: 06 Nov 1797
Works of Art: 4
Books: 5
Archives: 7
Works by

It is Thyself!   
It is Thyself!
1 January 1799
Anker Smith
Works associated with

Julius Caesar   
Julius Caesar
Henry Howard

Illustration to The Tatler, No....   
Illustration to The Tatler, No....
17 February 1804
Henry Howard

Illustration to The Spectator, No....   
Illustration to The Spectator, No....
20 August 1803
Henry Tresham

Engravings Of The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford's Collection Of Pictures, In London, Arranged According To Schools, And In Chronological Order, With Remarks On Each Picture. By William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S.A. The Executive Part Under The Management Of Peltro William Tomkins, Esq. Historical Engraver To Her Majesty. - Vol. I. (- IV.) -   - London: 1818.   
Bentley, Richard   Richardi Bentleii Et Doctorum Virorum Epistolæ, Partim Mutuæ. Accedit Richardi Dawesii Ad Joannem Taylorum Epistola Singularis. - Londini [1807]   
Shakespeare, William   The Dramatic Works Of William Shakspeare Revised By George Steevens. Vol. I. (- IX.) - London: - [1802]   
British Museum. Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities   A Description Of The Collection Of Ancient Terracottas In The British Museum : With Engravings - London : 1810.   
Malton, Thomas, the elder   A Compleat Treatise On Perspective, In Theory And Practice; On The True Principles Of Dr. Brook Taylor. Made Clear, In Theory, By Various Moveable Schemes, And Diagrams; And Reduced To Practice, In The Most Familiar and Intelligent Manner; Shewing How To Delineate All Kinds Of Regular Objects, By Rule. The Theory And Projection Of Shadows, By Sun-Shine, And By Candle-Light. The Effects Of Reflected Light, On Objects; Their Reflected Images, On The Surface Of Water, And On Polished, Plane Surfaces, In All Positions. The Whole Explicitly Treated; And Illustrated, In A Great Variety Of Familiar Examples; In Four Books. Embellished With An Elegant Frontispiece, And Forty-Eight Plates. Containing Diagrams, Views, And Original Designs, In Architecture, &c. Neatly Engraved. All Originals; Invented, Delineated, And, Great Part, Engraved By The Author, Thomas Malton. The Second Edition, Corrected and improved; With Large Additions. - London: [1778]   
AND/14/129    Anker Smith, Bridge Row, Chelsea, to Robert Balmanno, Mincing Lane    12 Apr 1814    Item   
AND/14/128    Anker Smith, to Mr. Cadell and Davies    9 Apr 1809    Item   
AND/14/10    Anderdon's biographical notes on James Ward    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/12/55    Receipt    4 May 1803    Item   
JU/6/36    Invitation card to a Royal Academy lecture    06 Dec 1813    Item   
JU/6/35    Anker Smith [to an unidentified recipient]    30 Dec 1809    Item   
LAW/1/194    Thos. Stothard, to the President of the Royal Academy    [1826]    Item