John Senex

Born: 1678
Died: 1740
Publisher; maker of maps and globes.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 0
Leonardo da Vinci   A Treatise Of Painting, By Leonardo da Vinci. Translated from The Original Italian, And adorn'd with a great Number of Cuts. - To which is prefix'd, The Author's Life; Done from the Last Edition of the French. - - London: [1721]   
Chambers, Ephraim   Cyclopædia: Or, An Universal Dictionary Of Arts and Sciences; Containing The Definitions of the Terms, And Accounts of The Things signify'd thereby, In the several Arts, Both Liberal and Mechanical, And the several Sciences, Human and Divine: The Figures, Kinds, Properies, Productions, Preparations, and Uses, of Things Natural and Artificial; The Rise, Progress, and State of Things Ecclesiastical, Civil, Military, and Commercial: With the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, &c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Physicians, Antiquaries, Criticks, &c. The Whole intended as a Course of Antient and Modern Learning. Compiled from the best Authors, Dictionaries, Journals, Memoirs, Transactions, Ephemerides, &c. in several Languages. In Two Volumes. By E. Chambers Gent. ... Volume the First. (Second.) - London: [1728]   
Perrault, Claude   A Treatise Of The Five Orders In Architecture. To which is Annex'd, A Discourse concerning Pilasters: And of several Abuses introduced into Architecture. Written in French By Claude Perrault,Of The Royal Academy of Paris, And made English By John James of Greenwich. The Second Edition. To which is added, An Alphabetical Explanation of all the Terms in Architecture, which occur in this Work. - London: [1722]   
Gauger, Nicolas   Fires Improved: Or, A New Method Of Building Chimnies, So as to prevent their Smoking. In Which A Small Fire, shall warm a Room much better than a Large One made the Common Way. And the Method of altering such Chimnies as are already Built, so that they shall perform the same Effects. By Monsieur Gauger. Made English from the French Original. By J. T. Desaguliers, L.L.D. and F.R.S. The Second Edition, With an Appendix, Containing several farther Improvements made by the Translator and Others. - London: 1736. Price 4 s.   
Homer   The Iliad Of Homer, Translated by Mr. Pope. - London: 1715 (1716, 1717, 1718, 1720, 1720).