Abel Roper

Born: 1665
Died: 1726
Bookseller, and political writer.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Rycaut, Paul   The History Of The Turks. Beginning with the Year 1679. Being a full Relation Of the Last Troubles in Hungary, with the Sieges of Vienna, and Buda, and all the several Battles both by Sea and Land, between the Christians, and the Turks, until the End of the Year 1698, and 1699. In Which The Peace between the Turks, And The Confederate Christian Princes and States, was happily Concluded at Carlowitz in Hungary, By the Mediation of His Majesty of Great Britain, and the States General of the United Provinces. With the Effigies of the Emperors and others of Note, Engraven at Large upon Copper, which Compleats the Sixth and Last Edition of the History of the Turks. In Two Vol. in Folio. By Sir Paul Rycaut, Kt. Eighteen Years Consul at Smyrna, now His Majesty's Resident at Hamburg, and Fellow of the Royal Society. - London: [1700]   
Dugdale, William   The Baronage Of England, Or An Historical Account Of The Lives and most Memorable Actions Of Our English Nobility In the Saxons time, to the Norman Conquest; And from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's Reign. (Our English Nobility; Which had their Rise, after the end of King Henry the Third's Reign. And before the Eleventh Year of King Richard the Second.) (such of Our English Nobility, As had their Rise, from the Tenth year of King Richard the Second, Until This Present Year 1676.) - Deduced From Publick Records, Antient Historians, and other Authorities, By William Dugdale Norroy King of Arms. ... Tome the First. (Second) (Third.) - London: 1675. (1676.) (1676.)