Royal Watercolour Society

Established 30 November 1804 in the Stafford Coffee House, Oxford Street as the Society of Painters in Water Colours. Founder members included William Sawrey Gilpin, Robert Hills, John Claude Nattes, John Varley, Cornelius Varley, Francis Nicholson, Samuel Shelley, William Henry Pyne and Nicholas Pocock

The first professional exhibiting body formed specifically to advance the interests of painters in watercolour. The Society enjoyed a high level of early success before falling victim to the whims of fashion, at which point oil paintings were admitted to their annual exhibition. This situation also proved temporary and the Society's fortunes revived by the 1820's. In 1881 it received a Royal Charter and it is now known as the Royal Watercolour Society.
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The exhibition of the Society of Painters in Water Colours ; the seventh; now open at the Great Room, Spring Gardens.   - London 1811   
SP/1/73    John Gilbert, Blackheath, to Spielmann    1 Jun 1886    Item   
COW/2/10    Frank [Cadogan Cowper], 38 Barrow Hill Road, St. John's Wood, to his mother    4 May 1904    Item   
COW/2/9    Frank Cadogan Cowper, 38 Barrow Hill Road, St. John's Wood, N.W., to his mother    11 Feb 1904    Item   
TOD/3/5/5    W. Russell Flint, Peel Cottage, 80 Peel Street, Campden Hill, W.8, to Middleton Todd    13 Nov 1953    Item   
LAW/5/264    P. Williams, 1 Vicolo de'greci, via del Babuino, Rome, to Joseph Bailey    21 Aug 1828    Item   
236/12/13    C.R. Leslie, 2 Abercorn Place, St. John's Wood, to T. Miller    16 Dec 1857    Item