Mrs. Wolff

Born: ?1771
Died: 1829
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 64
LAW/9/94    [incomplete] [Thomas Lawrence], to Elizabeth    [6 Dec 1828]    Item   
LAW/9/89    Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Miss Croft    [12 Jan 1821]    Item   
LAW/9/87    Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Miss Croft    [5 Jun 1820]    Item   
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LAW/9/62    Thomas Lawrence, Russell Square, to Mrs. Wolff    Nov 1817    Item   
LAW/9/61    Notes by Thomas Lawrence on the character of Mrs. Wolff    [30 Sep 1810]    Item   
LAW/9/60    Thos. Lawrence, to Miss Croft, Thos. Ryder, esq., Hendon    [16 Nov 1825]    Item   
LAW/9/59    [copy] Thomas Lawrence, to Mrs. Hill [sister of Mrs. Wolff]    [c.1829]    Item   
LAW/9/58    T. Lawrence, Fairfield, to Lady Brownrigg, Helstone House, Monmouth    16 Jun 1829    Item   
LAW/9/56    [copy] Isabella Wolff, to Jane Harding    30 Jun 1828    Item   
LAW/9/55    Extracts, in Lawrence's hand, of a letter written on the death of Mrs. Wolff    [30 Sep 1829]    Item   
LAW/9/50    Thos. Hutchinson, Sabridgeworth, to Miss Croft, 7 Devonshire Street, Red Square, London    10 Jan 1830    Item   
LAW/9/48    Thos Hutchinson, Sabridgeworth, to Sir Thomas [Lawrence]    14 Aug 1829    Item   
LAW/9/46    Lauro [Thomas Lawrence], to Elizabeth    10 Oct 1829    Item   
LAW/9/44    Lauro [Thomas Lawrence], to Miss Croft, Fairfield, near Ross, Herefordshire    [29] Jun 1829    Item   
LAW/9/43    Lauro [Thomas Lawrence], Russell Square, to Miss Croft, by favour of Mr. Adcock    15 Apr 1829    Item   
LAW/9/42    Lauro [Thomas Lawrence], to Miss Croft, H. Adcock's, Leicester    [25 Feb 1829]    Item   
LAW/9/41    T.L., Russell Square, to Miss Croft, J[?] Adcocks Esq., Leicester    10 Feb 1829    Item   
LAW/9/37    Thos. Lawernce, Russell Square, to Miss Croft, John Hardings Esq., Wrembury, Nantwich    12 Oct 1827    Item   
LAW/9/36    Lawrence, Russell Square, to Mademoiselle Croft, chez Monsr. de Chanteau, sons Intendant Militaire, Lille    6 Aug 1827    Item   
LAW/9/31    Noted as being an extract from Campbell's letter to Mrs Hughes    [c.1830]    Item   
LAW/9/29b    [copy] Thos. Lawrence, to Revd. Thomas Hutchinson    17 Aug 1829    Item   
LAW/9/28    T. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Miss Croft, No.1 Eastern Terrace, Marine Parade, Brighton    7 Oct 1829    Item   
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LAW/9/25    Dr. Scott, Catterick, to Miss Croft, Devonshire Street, Queen Square, London    11 Jan 1830    Item   
LAW/9/24    [Thomas Lawrence], Hotel de Maurice, Paris, [Elizabeth Croft]    22 Mar 1820    Item   
LAW/9/22    T. Lawrence, Lord B.h's., Florence, to Miss Croft, Hart Street    15 Jan [1820]    Item   
LAW/9/20    Thos. Lawrence, Palazzo Quirinale, Miss Croft, No.10 Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London    15 Jul 1819    Item   
LAW/9/19    Thos. Lawrence, Rome, Palazzo Quirinale, to Miss Croft, No.10 Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London    19 Jun 1819    Item   
LAW/9/10    Thos. Lawrence, to Miss Croft, at Dr. Chawner's, Burton-on-Trent    [15 Dec 1816]    Item   
LAW/9/9    Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Miss Croft, Dr. Chawner's, Burton-on-Trent    27 Nov 1816    Item   
LAW/9/6    T[homas] L[awrence], Miss E. Croft, Post Office, Cheltenham    [10 Sep 1813]    Item   
LAW/9/5    T[homas] L[awrence], to Miss Croft, at Mrs. Wolff's, Upton, Essex    [2 May 1811]    Item   
LAW/9/4    Thos. Lawernce, to Miss E. Croft, No.11 Terrace, South-End, Essex    [21 Aug 1812]    Item   
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LAW/4/385    [Thomas Lawrence], Hotel de Londres, Place Vendome, to [Mrs. Wolff]    20 Oct [1825]    Item   
LAW/4/366    [fragment] [Thomas Lawrence, to Mrs. Wolff]    [14 Sep 1825]    Item   
LAW/4/365    Thos. Lawrence, Hotel de Paris, Rue de Rivoli, to Mrs. Wolff, Fairfield near Ross, Hertfordshire    29 Aug [1825]    Item   
LAW/4/354    T[homas] L[awrence], Hotel de Paris, to Mrs. Wolff, Fairfield, Ross, Hertfordshire    22 Aug 1825    Item   
LAW/4/149    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Miss Croft]    [20 Jul 1821]    Item   
LAW/4/190    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Mrs. Wolff?]    [5 Jan 1824]    Item   
LAW/3/342    [Thomas Lawrence], Russell Square, to Mrs. Wolff, Charing, near Maidstone    26 Dec 1821    Item   
LAW/3/315    [fragment] [Thomas Lawrence], to Mrs. Wolff    19 Aug 1821    Item   
LAW/3/293    T[homas] L[awrence], to un-named    [8 May 1821]    Item   
LAW/3/148    [Thomas Lawrence], to un-named [possibly Mrs. Wolff]    [5 Jun 1820]    Item   
LAW/3/52    [Thomas Lawrence], Palazzo Quirinale, to Joseph Farington, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London    20 Jul 1819    Item   
LAW/3/50    [incomplete] [Thomas Lawrence], to [Mrs. Wolff]    [25 Jun 1819]    Item   
LAW/3/41    Sam. Lysons, King's Bench Walk, to Thos. Lawrence, rome    5 May 1819    Item   
LAW/2/241    Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Mrs. Hill, Charing, Kent    21 Dec 1817    Item   
LAW/2/234    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Mrs. Wolff]    [10 Nov 1817]    Item   
LAW/2/233    Etching, by Charlotte    1814    Item   
LAW/2/170    [Thomas Lawrence], Russell Square, to Mrs. Hill, Mrs Marshall's, Charing, Maidstone    11 Dec 1816    Item   
LAW/2/96/1    T Lawrence, Russell Square, London, to Joseph Farington, Mr. Farington's, Parrs Wood, near Manchester    6 Apr [1815]    Item   
LAW/2/2    T. Lawrence, to "My dear Madam"    [22 Dec 1812]    Item   
LAW/1/223    Thos. Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington]    [25 Aug 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/215    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Charlotte St.    [12 May 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/190    Lawrence, c/o Jens Wolff, Sherwood Lodge, Battersea, to [Joseph Farington]    12 Jun 1808    Item   
LAW/1/158    Thomas Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington]    [27 Jul 1807]    Item   
LAW/1/130    Thomas Lawrence to Mrs. Wolff, Earl of Newburgh's, Hinden, near Arundel    14 Oct 1803    Item   
LAW    Sir Thomas Lawrence, PRA, letters and papers    1777-1831    Fonds   
GAR/2/18    [draft] Memorial    [1829]    Item