The Hon. Shute Barrington, DD

Born: 1734
Died: 1826
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
HU/5/20    James Hare, Stratton, to Ozias Humphry, Bond Street    27 Jul 1796    Item   
LAW/4/15    Bishop of Durham, Cavendish Square, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    3 May 1822    Item   
LAW/4/14    Bishop of Durham, Cav. Square, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    1 May 1822    Item   
LAW/3/270    S. Dunelm, to Sir Thomas    3 Apr 1821    Item   
GAR/3/3    [copy] Lucy Lawrence Sr. to Lucy Lawrence Jr.    [c.May 1795]    Item