Walter Richmond

Born: 17 Dec 1852
Died: 1 May 1931
Son of George Richmond, R.A. Land agent.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 26
RI/1/122    W.B. Richmond, B.L., to Ernest Richmond    23 Jun 1917    Item   
RI/1/6    W.B. Richmond, to Thomas K. Richmond    [1860]    Item   
GRI/12/118    Death notices and obituaries    [1940s]    Item   
GRI/12/12    Diary    1877    Item   
GRI/5/1    George Richmond, 20 York Street, Portman Square, to 'My dearest Alice'    [?1870's]    Item   
GRI/3/733    [incomplete] WR, The Abbey, Carlisle, to [Thomas Knyvett Richmond?]    [c.1896]    Item   
GRI/3/701    Walter, Tabley Estate Office, Knutsford, Cheshire, to Tom    [1880's]    Item   
GRI/3/544    S. Oram, 2 Bruce Villas, Northampton Park, Tottenham, to George Richmond    19 Mar 1880    Item   
GRI/3/533    George Richmond, Knutsford, to Julia    22 Oct 1879    Item   
GRI/3/517    George Richmond, to Julia    19 Mar 1879    Item   
GRI/3/514    George Richmond, Athenaeum Club, to Julia, 91 Marina, St. Leonards    11 Mar 1879    Item   
GRI/3/513    George Richmond, Athenaeum Club, to Julia, c/o W.J. Robinson, 91 Marina, St. Leonards    [10 Mar 1879]    Item   
GRI/3/505    George Richmond, Chatsworth, to Julia    1 Dec 1878    Item   
GRI/3/485    [incomplete] Leven & Melville, to [George Richmond]    [c.summer 1876]    Item   
GRI/3/430    Julia Richmond, Machell's Lodgings, Windermere, to George Richmond    21 Oct [1869]    Item   
GRI/3/344    Mary Inglis, Milton Bryan, Woburn, to Mrs. Richmond    27 Jul [?1864]    Item   
GRI/3/329    The Duke of Buccleuch, Bowhill, Selkirk, to George Richmond    7 Feb 1863    Item   
GRI/3/328    [copy] George Richmond, 10 York Street, to [Duke of Buccleuch]    2 Feb 1863    Item   
GRI/3/327    Buccleuch, Bowhill, Selkirk, to George Richmond    30 Jan 1863    Item   
GRI/3/322    Julia, 10 York Street, to George Richmond    16 Aug [c/1862]    Item   
GRI/3/312    H.J. Forster, 8 Charterhouse Square, to George Richmond    3 May 1862    Item   
GRI/3/301    Duke of Buccleuch, 37 Belgrave Square, to George Richmond    3 Jun 1861    Item   
GRI/3/288    L. Forster, to Julia Richmond    [1859]    Item   
GRI/3/202    The Duke of Buccleuch, Dalkeith, to George Richmond    29 Dec 1852    Item   
GRI/2/42    The Army and Navy pocket diary and almanac    1894    Item   
GRI/2/17    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1863    Item