Richard II, King of England

Born: 6 Jan 1367
Died: 14 Feb 1400
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Richard II stops the duel...   
Richard II stops the duel...
James E. Doyle

GRI/3/679    George Scharf, 8 Ashley Place, Victoria Street, to George Richmond    16 Dec 1887    Item   
GRI/3/524    James Neale, 8 Adelphi Terrace, to George Richmond    28 Jun 1879    Item   
GRI/3/462    A.P. Stanley, to George Richmond    24 Oct [18]71    Item   
GRI/3/452    A.P Stanley, Deanery, Westminster, to George Richmond    26 Feb [18]71    Item   
GRI/2/20    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1866    Item