Alfred Stevens

Born: 31 Dec 1817
Died: 1 May 1875
Sculptor, designer, interior designer, decorative painter. Trained in Florence and Rome, 1833-42; worked mainly in London. His major commission was the Wellington monument in St Paul's Cathedral, completed after his death by H. Stannus and J. Tweed.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 6
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The Sculptured Pediment of St...   
The Sculptured Pediment of St...
C.R. Cockerell


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Stannus, Hugh Hutton   "I know of but One Art" Alfred Stevens and His Work being a Collection of 57 Autotypes with a brief Memoir & Account of his principal productions so far as they are known by Hugh Stannus Architect Lecturer on Applied Art at University College & Teacher of Architectural Ornament at the Royal Academy [epigraph in Greek letter] - London: 1891 (All rights reserved)   
The Industrial Arts Of The Nineteenth Century. A Series Of Illustrations Of The Choicest Specimens Produced By Every Nation At The Great Exhibition Of Works Of Industry, 1851. Dedicated, By Permission, To His Royal Highness The Prince Albert, By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. -   - London: [1851(-1853)]   
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