Charles Townley

Born: 01 October 1737 in Towneley Hall, near Burnley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 03 January 1805
Nationality: British
Charles Townley was a wealthy country gentleman, antiquary and collector. He travelled on three Grand Tours to Italy, buying antique sculpture, vases, coins, manuscripts and Old Master drawings and paintings. Many of the most important pieces from his collection, especially the Townley Marbles are now in the British Museum's Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities.
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Books: 1
Archives: 9
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Cast of relief showing Perseus...   
Cast of relief showing Perseus...
Musei Capitolini (Rome)

Society of Dilettanti (London)   Specimens Of Antient Sculpture, Ægyptian, Etruscan, Greek, And Roman: Selected From Different Collections In Great Britain By The Society Of Dilettanti. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809. (-1835.)   
HU/5/52    Copy of the memorial appointing Humphry to the Society of Antiquaries    [25 Jan 1798]    Item   
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JU/2/47    G. J. Hamilton, Rome [to Charles Townley]    24 Nov 1792    Item   
JU/2/46    Gavin Hamilton, Rome [to Charles Townley]    29 Sep 1792    Item   
JU/2/45    Gavin Hamilton, Rome [to Charles Townley]    22 Sep 1792    Item   
JU    Jupp catalogues    1769-1875    Fonds   
HU/2/81    Sir Philip Haughton Clarke, Tyfield, near Andover, Hants, to Ozias Humphry, Limner, Newman Street, Oxford Street, London    [30 Apr c.1779]    Item   
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