Anna Horatia, Lady Seymour

Born: 1762
Died: 1801
Wife of Lord Hugh Seymour. One of Reynolds's The Ladies Waldegrave.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 10
HU/7/31    Clarendon, The Grove, to Ozias Humphry, Prince of Wales's Hotel, Sloan Street, London    6 Dec 1808    Item   
HU/7/30    [draft] [Ozias Humphry], Sloane St., to Marquess of Hertford    5 Dec 1808    Item   
HU/7/25    Clarendon, The Grove, near Watford, Herts., to Ozias Humphry    1 Nov 1808    Item   
HU/7/4-5    Radstock, to Ozias Humphry, Prince of Wales Coffee House    [13 Feb 1808]    Item   
HU/6/77    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to the Duke of Gloucester    [1806]    Item   
HU/6/37    [copy] Ozias Humphry, to Lord Radstock    27 Feb 1808[?]    Item   
HU/4/78    Capt. Waldegrave, Whitehall, to Ozias Humphry    [1793]    Item   
REY/1/20    Pocket book    1781    Item   
REY/1/19    Pocket book    1780    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/35/1    T. G. [Thomas Gainsborough] to F. M. Newton    c. 1783    Item