William Richardson

Born: fl. 1783-
Died: after 1804
Draughtsman, engraver. Son of designer George Richardson (1737/8 - c.1813).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 0
Richardson, George   The New Vitruvius Britannicus; Consisting Of Plans And Elevations Of Modern Buildings, Public And Private, Erected In Great Britain By The` Most Celebrated Architects. Engraved On LXXII (LXX) Plates, From Original Drawings. (Volume II.) By George Richardson, Architect. Le Nouveau Vitruve Britannique; Qui Comprend Les Plans Et Élévations De Bâtimens Modernes, Tant Publics Que Particuliers, Érigés dans la Grande Bretagne Par Les Plus Célèbres Architectes. Contenant LXXII (LXX) Planches, Gravées D'Après Des Desseins Origineaux. (Tome Seconde.) - London: [1802 (-1808)]   
New Designs of Vases and Tripods Decorated in the Antique Taste, By Geo: Richardson, Archt. and Son on XXV Plates.   - London Sept. 5th. 1793.   
Richardson, George   A Series Of Original Designs For Country Seats Or Villas; Containing Plans And Elevations, Sections Of The Principal Apartments, Ceilings, Chimney-Pieces, Capitals Of Columns, Ornaments For Friezes, And Other Interior Decorations, In The Antique Style. Comprized In LVII. Plates, With Descriptions. Designed And Engraved, In Aquatinta, By George Richardson, Architect. - London: [1795]   
Richardson, George   New Designs In Architecture Consisting Of Plans, Elevations, And Sections For Various Buildings, Comprised In XLIV Folio Plates; Designed And Engraved By George Richardson, Architect. ... Nouveaux Desseins D'Architecture, ou, Plans, Elevations, Et Coupes De Divers Bâtimens; Compris En XLIV Planches In Folio, Dessinées Et Gravées Par George Richardson Architecte. - London 1792.   
Richardson, George   A Treatise On The Five Orders Of Architecture In Which The Principles Of That Art Are Illustrated By Elegant And Correct Examples, Representing The Most Approved Forms, Proportions, And Decorations, Peculiar To The Several Orders; As Exhibited In The Remains Of The Beautiful Edifices Of Antiquity; Composed In The Style Most Consonant To The Orders That Adorn The Magnificent Temples, Baths, Theatres, Amphitheatres, Basilicas, Triumphal Arches, And Other Ancient Buildings. Containing Twenty-Two Plates Engraved in Acquatinta, producing the Spirit and Effect of finished Drawings in Indian Ink; With complete Explanations in English and French, accompanied with Observations made on several of the Antiquities at Rome, and various Parts of Italy, at Pola in Istria, and the southern Provinces of France, in the Years 1760, 1761, 1762, 1nd 1763; By George Richardson, Architect. ... Traité Des Cinq Ordres D'Architecture, Où les principes de cet Art sont exposé dans tout leur jour, au moyen d'examples choisis et corrects qui représent le différens Ordres dans leur plus belle forme, suivant leurs meilleurs proportions, et avec les décorations qui leur sont particulières, d'après ce qui reste des plus beaux édifices de l'Antiquité ... - London [1787]