Robert Southey

Born: 1774
Died: 1843
Poet and writer
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 7
FAR/2/142    Mr. Southey, Queen Ann Street, to the President and Council    26 Apr [1820]    Item   
AND/10/1    [copy] Extract from a letter by Robert Southey, to Joseph Cottle    [c.1797]    Item   
LAW/5/245    Robert Peel, Whitehall, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    9 Jun [1828]    Item   
LAW/5/239    Robert Peel, Whitehall Gardens, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    1 Jun 1828    Item   
LAW/1/198    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, the Earl of Lonsdale, Castle, Whitehaven    7 Oct 1808    Item   
GRI/3/152    [copy, extract] Sir Robert H. Inglis, Bt., to Mr Stokes    18 Mar 1847    Item   
GRI/3/139    [copy] Sir Robert Harry Inglis, 7 Bedford Square, to A.R. Freebairn    6 Jul 1846    Item