John Bell

Born: 19 August 1811 in Hepton, Suffolk, (now Norfolk), England, United Kingdom
Died: 14 March 1895
Sculptor, industrial designer, printmaker, in London. In 1829 enrolled at the Royal Academy schools; exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 5
Archives: 5
Works associated with

'Where the Bee Sucks (from...   
'Where the Bee Sucks (from...
William Shakespeare

'Ariel's Song (from The Tempest...   
'Ariel's Song (from The Tempest...
William Shakespeare

Bell, John   Songs of Aphrodite. Venus of Knidos & Venus of Melos - London 1990   
Bell, John   The lost Venus of Knidos and an attempt at her reconstruction - [s.l.] [1888]   
Compositions from Morning And Evening Prayer, By John Bell, Sculptor.   - London. 1844.   
Shakespeare, William   Songs Of Shakespeare, Illustrated By the Etching Club. - London [1843]   
Goldsmith, Oliver   The Deserted Village Of Oliver Goldsmith Illustrated By the Etching Club. - London [1841]   
JU/16/228    John Bell, 3 Frith St, Soho Square [to the secretary of the Royal Academy]    [1833]    Item   
JU/16/226    John Bell, Hopton [? to Dawson Turner]    21 Jul 1837    Item   
GRI/3/598    Representations in Art of Our Lord' by J. Bell    Sep-Oct 1883    Item   
GRI/3/281    [enclosed with GRI/3/280] Names of Sculptors    [Mar 1859]    Item   
GRI/3/275    British Sculpture, an address by John Bell    1858    Item