Inglis Richmond

Born: 4 Feb 1849
Died: 24 Oct 1920
Son of George and Julia Richmond
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 23
RI/2/61    H[enry] I[nglis] R[ichmond], British Empire Club, 12 St. James's Square, to W.B. Richmond, Beavor Lodge, Hammersmith    16 Aug 1920    Item   
RI/2/1    Inglis Richmond, 8 Sheffield Gardens, Campden Hill, to W.B. Richmond    20 Jan 1876    Item   
RI/1/65    W.B. Richmond, to [Clara Richmond]    [3 Jul 1872]    Item   
RI/1/64    W.B. Richmond, [Algiers], to Inglis Richmond    1869    Item   
RI/1/62    W.B. Richmond, Balliol College, Oxford, to [Clara Richmond]    [1871?]    Item   
RI/1/10    William B. Richmond, to Thomas K. Richmond    [Dec 1861]    Item   
GRI/12/145    Part of a list of birth and baptism details of George Richmond's children.    [1970s]    Item   
GRI/12/87    Richmond graves in Highgate Cemetery    [c.1920s]    Item   
GRI/12/86    MS on notepaper of the Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall    [1920s]    Item   
GRI/10/3    Samuel Palmer, Furze Hill, Red Hill, to George Richmond    1 Jun 1880    Item   
GRI/10/2    Samuel Palmer, Furze Hill, Mead Vale, Red Hill, to George Richmond    30 May 1880    Item   
GRI/3/739    [fragment] Limericks    [1870-1880]    Item   
GRI/3/610    George Richmond, 20 York Street, to Laura Forster, West Hackhurst, Abinger, Dorking    11 Feb 1884    Item   
GRI/3/514    George Richmond, Athenaeum Club, to Julia, 91 Marina, St. Leonards    11 Mar 1879    Item   
GRI/3/492    [incomplete?] George Richmond, Athenaeum Club, to Julia    13 Oct [18]77    Item   
GRI/3/441    Marianne Thornton, Clapham Common, to Julia Richmond    28 Jan [c.1860's]    Item   
GRI/3/428    [?incomplete] [Julia Richmond], Machell's Lodgings, Windermere, to George Richmond    19 Oct [1869]    Item   
GRI/3/427    Julia Richmond, [B....], Darlington, to George Richmond    22 Sep [1869]    Item   
GRI/3/426    [incomplete] [Julia Richmond], 10 York Street, to Tom [Richmond]    16 Jul [1889]    Item   
GRI/3/411    [incomplete] [Julia Richmond], [Folkestone], to George Richmond    [Autumn 1868?]    Item   
GRI/3/398    [incomplete] Julia, 10 York Street, to George Richmond    [?c.1867-1869]    Item   
GRI/3/328    [copy] George Richmond, 10 York Street, to [Duke of Buccleuch]    2 Feb 1863    Item   
GRI/3/299    Laura Forster, to Julia Richmond    [c.1860]    Item