Cecilia Richmond

Born: 31 Dec 1846
Died: 1928
Daughter of George and Julia Richmond. Married William Rann Kennedy, 1874.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 7
RI/1/65    W.B. Richmond, to [Clara Richmond]    [3 Jul 1872]    Item   
GRI/3/555    William F. Robinson, 22 Cambridge Square, Hyde Park, to Tom    30 Dec 1880    Item   
GRI/3/505    George Richmond, Chatsworth, to Julia    1 Dec 1878    Item   
GRI/3/413    Clara Richmond, 46 Via Sistina, [Rome], to Edith    20 Dec 1868    Item   
GRI/3/411    [incomplete] [Julia Richmond], [Folkestone], to George Richmond    [Autumn 1868?]    Item   
GRI/3/506    George Richmond, Chatsworth, to Julia, 20 York St., London    2 Dec 1878    Item   
GRI/3/305    Laura Forster, Stisted Rectory, to Mrs. R.    [Jul 1861]    Item