Samuel Smith

Born: 1658
Died: 1707
Bookseller and publisher, in London.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Junius, Franciscus, the younger   Francisci Junii F. F. De pictura veterum libri tres, tot in locis emendati, & tam multis accessionibus aucti, ut plane novi possint videri: accedit Catalogus, adhuc ineditus, architectorum, mechanicorum, sed praecipue pictorum, statuariorum, cælatorum, tornatorum, aliorumque artificum, & operum quæ fecerunt, secundum seriem litterarum digestum. - Roterodami [1694]   
Cowper, William,   The Anatomy Of Humane Bodies, With Figures Drawn After The Life By some Of The Best Masters in Europe, And Curiously Engraven In One Hundred and Fourteen Copper Plates, Illustrated With Large Explications Containing Many New Anatomical Discoveries, And Chirurgical Observations: To Which Is Added An Introduction Explaining The Animal Oeconomy, With A Copious Index. By William Cowper. - Oxford [1698]   
A Complete History Of England: With The Lives Of All The Kings and Queens Thereof; From the Earliest Account of Time, to the Death of His Late Majesty King William III. Containing A Faithful Relation of all Affairs of State Ecclesiastical and Civil. The Whole Illustrated with Large and Useful Notes, taken from divers Manuscripts, and other good Authors: and the Effigies of the Kings and Queens from the Originals, Engraven by the best Masters. In Three Volumes, with Alphabetical Indexes to each. Vol. I. I. Beginning with the History of Britain to William the Conqueror. By Mr. John Milton. II. From the Conquest to the End of King Edward III. By Samuel Daniel, Esq; III. The Reigns of King Richard II. King Hemnry IV, V, and VI. All new Writ in Mr. Daniel's Method. IV. The Reign of King Edward IV. By John Habington, Esq; V. The Lives of King Edward V, and Richard III. By Sir Thomas Moore. Translated from the Latin Original. VI. The Life of King Richard III By George Buck, Esq; VII. The Life of King Henry VII. By Francis Lord Bacon.   - London: 1706.