Sir George Scharf

Born: 1820
Died: 1895
Artist, illustrator, art historian, in Britain. Director of the National Portrait Gallery, London (1857-1894). Son of miniaturist and illustrator George Johann Scharf (1788-1860).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 6
Archives: 3
Crowe, Joseph Arthur   The Early Flemish Painters: Notices Of Their Lives and Works. By J.A. Crowe and G.B. Cavalcaselle. - London: 1857.   
Kugler, Franz Theodor   Handbook Of Painting. The German, Flemish, And Dutch Schools. Based On The Handbook Of Kugler. Re-Modelled By The Late Prof. Dr. Waagen. A New Edition. Thoroughly Revised And In Part Re-Written By J.A. Crowe. With Illustrations. In Two Parts. - Part I. (II.) - London: 1874. The right of Translation is reserved.   
Crowe, Joseph Arthur   A New History Of Painting In Italy From The Second To The Sixteenth Century. Drawn Up From Fresh Materials And Recent Researches In The Archives Of Italy; As Well As From Personal Inspection Of The Works Of Art Scattered Throughout Europe. By J.A. Crowe & G.B. Cavalcaselle, Authors Of 'The Early Flemish Painters.' Vol. I. (- III.) - London: 1864. (- 1866.) The Right of Translation is reserved.   
Kugler, Franz Theodor   [Kugler's Hand-Book Of Painting.] - The Schools Of Painting In Italy. Translated, From The German Of Kugler, By A Lady. Edited, With Notes, By Sir Charles L. Eastlake, P.R.A., F.R.S. With Upwards Of One Hundred Illustrations, Drawn On Wood, By George Scharf, Jun., From The Works Of The Old Masters Mentioned In This Book, Engraved By John Thompson And Samuel Williams. Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised, With Much Additional Matter. In Two Parts. - Part I. (II.) - London: 1851.   
Scharf, George   A Descriptive And Historical Catalogue Of The Collection Of Pictures At Woburn Abbey. By George Scharf, F.S.A., Keeper And Secretary To The National Portrait Gallery. First Part. Portraits. For Revision. - London: 1877. [Limited to 50 Copies.]   
Layard, Austen Henry, author, draughtsman   The Monuments Of Nineveh. From Drawings Made On The Spot By Austen Henry Layard, Esq., D.C.L. Illustrated In One Hundred Plates. - London: 1849. (-1853.)   
RAA/SEC/11/58/1    George Scharf, South Park, Penshurst, to Frederick Eaton    27 Apr 1892    Item   
GRI/3/679    George Scharf, 8 Ashley Place, Victoria Street, to George Richmond    16 Dec 1887    Item   
GRI/2/20    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1866    Item