R. Smith

Born: fl. ca. 1723?
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La Mottraye, Aubry De   A. De La Motraye's Travels Through Europe, Asia, and into Part of Africa; With Proper Cutts and Maps. Containing A great Variety of Geographical, Topographical, and Political Observations on those Parts of the World; especially on Italy, Turky, Greece, Crim and Noghaian Tartaries, Circassia, Sweden, and Lapland. A curious Collection of Things particularly Rare, both in Nature and Antiquity; such as Remains of antient Cities and Colonies, Inscriptions, Idols, Medals, Minerals, &c. With An Historical Account of the most considerable Events which happen'd during the Space of above 25 Years; such as a great Revolution in the Turkish Empire, by which the Emperor was depos'd; the Engaging of the Russian and Turkish Armies on the Banks of the Pruth; the late King of Sweden's Reception and Entertainment at Bender; his Transactions with the Porte, during his Stay of above four Years in Turky; his Return into his Dominions, Campaigns in Norway, Death, &c. His Sister, the Princess Ulrica's Accession to the Throne, her generous Resignation of it to her Consort the present King; and, in fine, all the chief Transactions of the Senate and States of Sweden, &c. Vol. I. (II.) - London: [1723]