Sir Isidore Spielmann

Born: 1854
Died: 1925
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 16
RAA/SEC/8/71/1    Isidore Spielmann, 56 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, to Eaton    16 Mar 1903    Item   
SP/7/90    Alfred Gilbert, Compagnie des Bronzes, Rue Ransfort, 27 Molenbeek, Bruxelles, to Spielmann    27 Mar 1913    Item   
COW/1/5    Frank Cadogan Cowper, 38 Barrow Hill Road, St. John's Wood, to his mother    24 Aug 1902    Item   
RAA/PRA/3/3    [Lord] Lansdowne, Foreign Office, to Sir Edward Poynter    12 Jun 1902    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/107    H. H. Armstead, 52 Circus Road, to [Isidore] Spielmann    12 Apr 1900    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/106    Thomas Brock, The Studio, 30 Osnaburgh Street, Regent's Park, to [Isidore] Spielmann    02 Mar 1904    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/105    Letter from W. P. Frith, 114 Clifton Hill, St. John's Wood, to Sir Isidore Spielmann    21 Apr [1908]    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/104    Letter from C. Napier Hemy, Churchfield, Falmouth, to [Isidore Spielmann]    15 Mar 1900    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/103    Letter from B. W. Leader, Burrows Cross, Gomshall, Guildford to [Isidore] Spielmann    14 Jan 1904    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/102    Letter from Alfred Parsons, 54 Bedford Gardens, Kensington, to [Isidore] Spielmann    05 May 1912    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/101    Letter from Val Prinsep, Arts Club, 40 Dover Street, Piccadilly, to [Isidore] Spielmann    06 Mar 1901    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/100    Letter from Ernest A. Waterlow, 7 Maresfield Gardens, Fitzjohn's Avenue, to [Isidore] Spielmann    02 Aug 1909    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/99    Letter from Henry Woods, Albergo Sciraffa Vittorio, Veneto, Italy, to [Isidore] Spielmann    30 Aug 1907    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/98    Letter from L. Alma-Tadema, 34 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, to Sir Isidore [Spielmann]    03 Nov 1910    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/97    Letter from Sir Edward Poynter, 70 Addison Road, to Sir Isidore Spielmann    06 May 1919    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/96    Letter from Sir Edward Poynter, 70 Addison Road, to Sir Isidore Spielmann    21 Dec 1918    Item