Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquess of Wellesley

Born: 1760
Died: 1842
Governor General of Bengal.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 20
HU/8/109    Cockrell, Trail, Palmer & Co., Calcutta, to Ozias Humphrey    25 Jan 1805    Item   
HU/8/99    [duplicate] Cockerell, Trail, Palmer & Co., Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry    25 Jan 1805    Item   
HU/8/73    Henry Dundas, Wimbledon, to [Ozias Humphry]    14 Jul 1798    Item   
HU/6/6    Charles Harvey, Calcutta, Garden Reach, to Ozias Humphry, Brompton, Middlesex    27 Apr 1803    Item   
HU/5/88-89    W. Sydenham, Fort St. George, to Ozias Humphry    10 Oct 1800    Item   
HU/5/72-73    B. Wyatt, Fort St. George, per Thetis, to [Ozias Humphry]    6 May 1799    Item   
LAW/9/4    Thos. Lawernce, to Miss E. Croft, No.11 Terrace, South-End, Essex    [21 Aug 1812]    Item   
HU/8/94    [draft] Ozias Humphry, Coventry Street, to Cockerell, Trail, Palmer & Co.    27 Apr 1804    Item   
HU/8/90    J. Palmer, Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry    20 Nov 1802    Item   
HU/8/86-87    Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge, near London, to Palmer & Co.    18 Jun 1802    Item   
HU/8/83-84    Lord Camden, Arlington Street, to Ozias Humphry    31 May 1799    Item   
LAW/4/171    Wellesley, Woodstock, Wicklow, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    20 Nov 1823    Item   
LAW/2/26    T. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [1 Dec 1812]    Item   
LAW/2/24    T. L[awrence], to Joseph Farington, Post Office, Cromer, Norfolk    [29 Aug 1812]    Item   
LAW/2/20    Thos. Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington    [7 Aug 1812]    Item   
LAW/2/19    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Wells Etc, Red Leaves, near Tunbridge    [12 Jun 1812]    Item   
LAW/1/197    [Thomas Lawrence], to Joseph Farington, R.A. Farington, Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Manchester    9 Sep 1808    Item   
LAW/1/196    T. Lawrence, Greek St, to Joseph Farington, R.A. Farington's, Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Manchester    2 Sep 1808    Item   
LAW/1/178    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [24 Jan 1808]    Item   
LAW/1/164    Thomas Lawrence, Greek Street, to Joseph Farington, at Rev. Mr. Hamond, Great Massingham, Bougham, Norfolk    8 Oct 1807    Item