John Bacon, the younger

Born: 1777
Died: 14 July 1859
Sculptor. Second son of sculptor John Bacon R.A. (1740-99); brother of Thomas Bacon (b. 1773).
Works of Art: 1
Books: 2
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Portrait of John Bacon the...   
Portrait of John Bacon the...
John Russell

Hoare, Prince   Academic correspondence 1803, containing extracts, No. II., from a correspondence with the Academies of Vienna & St. Petersburg, on the present cultivation of the arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture; a summary report of the transactions of the Royal Academy of London, from the close of the Exhibition 1802, to the same period, 1803, and a description of public monuments, voted by the Parliament of Great Britain, to the memory of distinguished naval and military officers since the year 1798. Published by desire of the Academy by Prince Hoare, Member of the Academie of Florence, and Cortona, and Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to the Royal Academy of London. - London 1804   
Hoare, Prince   Academic annals of painting sculpture & architecture ; published by authority of the Royal Academy of Arts, 1805-6, 1807, 1808-9 ; collected and arranged by Prince Hoare, Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to The Royal Academy - London 1809   
LAW/3/326    Vane Stewart, Wynyard, to [Thomas Lawrence]    21 Oct 1821    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/121    "Diploma" issued to Stephen Francis Rigaud    04 Jan 1794    Item