Mary, Lady Templetown

Born: 1774
Died: 1824
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
HU//7/58    Ozias Humphry, Thornhaugh St., to William Upcott    7 Jul [1809]    Item   
HU/6/129    Lady Templetown, to Ozias Humphry, Sloane Street    18 Aug 1807    Item   
LAW/4/157/2    Mary Templetown, Paris, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    17 Aug 1823    Item   
LAW/4/157/1    Templetown, Hill Street, Berkley Square, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    1 Sep 1823    Item   
LAW/2/11    Lady Templetown, to [Thomas Lawrence]    16 Feb 1812    Item