John Smith

Born: 1647 or 1648
Died: 1727?
Clock-maker, writer on scientific instruments and on the preparation and application of paints, in London.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
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Smith, John   The Art of Painting In Oyl. Wherein is included each particular Circumstance relating to the best and most approved Rules for preparing, mixing, and working of Oyl Colours. The whole Treatise being so full Compleat, and so exactly fitted to the meanest Capacity, that all Persons whatsoever, may be able by these Directions, to Paint in Oyl Colours all manner of Timber work; that require either Use, Beauty, or Preservation, from the violence or Injury of the Weather. In which is also laid down all the several Circumstances required in Painting of Sun-dials, Printed Pictures, Shash-Windows, &c. In Oyl-Colours. The Fifth Impression with some Alterations, and many Matters added, which are not to be found in the former Editions. To which is added, The whole Art and Mystery of Colouring Maps, and other Prints, with Water-Colours. By John Smith, C.M. Licensed, Rob. Midgely. - London: 1723.