Charles Rollin

Born: 1661
Died: 1741
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Books: 2
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Rollin, Charles   The History Of The Arts and Sciences Of The Antients, Under the following Heads: ... By Mr. Rollin, late Principal of the University of Paris, now Professor of Eloquence in the Royal College, and Member of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres. Translated from the French. Illustrated with Copper Plates. Vol. I. (II.) (XII.) (XIII.) - London: [1737-1739]   
Vertot, René-Aubert, sieur de, Abbé   Histoire Des Chevaliers Hospitaliers De Jerusalem Appellez Depuis Chevaliers De Rhodes, Et Aujourd'hui Chevaliers De Malthe. Par M. l'Abbé De Vertot, de l'Academie des Belles Lettres. Tome Premier. (Cinquième.) - A Paris [1726]   
CHA/2/44    A critique of [Charles] Rollin's assertion that architecture is the "younger" sister of agriculture    [c.1770]    Item