Frederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich and 1st Earl Ripon

Born: 1 Nov 1782
Died: 28 Jan 1859
Politician in Britain. 1823-7 Chancellor of the Exchequer; in 1827 created Viscount Goderich; 1827-8 Prime Minister; 1830-33 Colonial Secretary; in 1833 created Earl of Ripon; 1841-3 President of the Board of Trade; 1843-6 President of the India Board.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 7
Wilkins, William, R.A.   A Letter To Lord Viscount Goderich, On The Patronage Of The Arts By The English Government. By William Wilkins, A.M., Formerly Fellow Of Caius College, Cambridge, R.A. and F.R.S. [Epigraph.] - London: 1832. - (Not Published.)   
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LAW/5/102    List of names to select the formation of the National Gallery    [14 Jan 1827]    Item   
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LAW/4/36    F. Robinson, Somerset Place, to [Thomas Lawrence]    9 Jul 1822    Item   
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