Royal Society of Arts (London)

8 John Adam Street

Founded in 1754 by William Shipley. The founding aim of the society was "to embolden enterprise, enlarge science, refine arts, improve our manufactures and extend our commerce". Members of the Society are called Fellows and are from a diverse background, but share a commitment to civic innovation and social progress.

The aims of the Society are promoted through the award of premiums. Notable contributions to society have been achieved through the successful conclusion of various premium competitions. The Society has also sought to improve civic culture through exhibitions and was host to the first public art exhibition in the United Kingdom in 1760. In more recent decades the Society has focused on organised campaigns as a means of promoting its civic agenda.

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Wood, Henry Trueman   A note on the pictures by James Barry in the Great Room of the Royal Society of Arts / by H. Trueman Wood - London 1880   
Dossie, Robert   The handmaid to the arts ... - London 1764   
Algarotti, Francesco, count   An Essay On Painting Written In Italian By Count Algarotti F.R.S. F.S.A. - [Epigraph] - - London [1764]   
Jameson, Anna Brownell   A Handbook To The Public Galleries Of Art In And Near London. With Catalogues of the Pictures, Accompanied By Critical, Historical, And Biographical Notices, And Copious Indexes To Facilitate Reference. By Mrs. Jameson. In Two Parts. Part I. Containing Introduction. National Gallery. Windsor Castle. (Part II. Containing Hampton Court. Dulwich Gallery. Barry's Pictures. Soane's Museum.) - London: 1842.   
Silvestre, Théophile   Art, Artists, And Industry In England. A Lecture Delivered At The Society Of Arts By Théophile Silvestre, Appointed by H.E. the Minister of State and of the Household of H.M. the Emperor of the French to inspect the Fine Arts in Europe. - London: 1859.   
Grüner, Ludwig   By Authority. Specimens Of Ornamental Art Selected From The Best Models Of The Clasical Epochs. Illustrated By Eighty Plates. By Lewis Gruner, Author Of Fresco Decorations And Stuccos Of Churches, Palaces, And Villas In Italy During The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries; And Of Her Majesty's Pavilion In Buckingham Palace Gardens, Etc. Etc. With Descriptive Text By Emil Braun. - London: [1850]   
Barry, James, R.A., source artist, engraver   A Series Of Etchings By James Barry, Esq. From His Original And Justly Celebrated Paintings, In The Great Room Of The Society Of Arts, Manufactures, And Commerce, Adelphi. - London: 1808.   
Transactions Of The Society, Instituted at London, For The Encouragement Of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce ... Vol. I. (-LV.)   - London: [1783-1845]   
Barry, James, R.A.,   The Works Of James Barry, Esq. Historical Painter; Formerly Professor Of Painting At The Royal-Academy; Member Of The Clementine Academy At Bologna, &c. Containing, His Correspondence From France And Italy With Mr. Burke - His Lectures On Painting Delivered At The Royal-Academy - Observations On Different Works Of Art In Italy And France - Critical Remarks On The Principal Paintings Of The Orleans Gallery - Essay On The Subject Of Pandora; (Now First Published From Manuscripts, And Illustrated By Engravings From Sketches, Left By The Author.) And His Inquiry Into The Causes Which Have Obstructed The Progress Of The Fine Arts In England - His Account Of The Paintings At The Adelphi - And Letter To The Dilettanti Society. To Which Is Prefixed, Some Account Of The Life And Writings Of The Author. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809.   
Emlyn, Henry   A Proposition For A New Order In Architecture, With Rules For Drawing the several Parts. By Henry Emlyn, of Windsor. The Second Edition, With The Addition Of Eleven Plates And The Explanation Shewing the Intercolumniations and Arcades of the Composition, And how it is adapted to assemble with the Grecian and Roman orders; also, the Manner of placing it over the Doric, Ionic, Composite, and Corinthian Orders; with some concluding Remarks. - London; [1784]   
Emlyn, Henry   A Proposition For A New Order In Architecture, With Rules For Drawing the several parts. By Henry Emlyn, of Windsor. - London; [1781]   
JU/2/78    James Barry, Castle St., to the Earl of Buchan, Edinburgh    03 Jul 1805    Item   
GRE/25/21    Newspaper cuttings    c. 1741-1788    File   
HU/2/16    Alex. Day, [Rome], to Ozias Humphry, at Madam Vanini's, Florence    [c.1775]    Item   
HU/1/65    W. Shipley, London, to Ozias Humphry, Honiton, Devon    5 Dec 1758    Item   
AND/1/289    Press cuttings relating to Joseph Nollekens    1760, 1774 and 1788    Item   
LAW/4/123    H. Davy, to Sir Thos. Lawrence, Pres. R.A., Russel Square    [Feb 1822]    Item